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[Answered] Wartune & Others MMO

Posted Apr 16, '13 at 10:21pm



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i seem to be having some issues logging into wartune.
as soon as i click wartune, it redirects me to a and ask me to buy the domain. weird?

i thought it was just wartune. so i tried crazy fairies, doom forge, heroes gaia all redirect me to this website.

pls seriously there something going on with armorgames. could u at least disable some of the web/ad banner? it redirects me auto without me clicking.

i know wartune server a bit down these few days. but yesterday i tried few times just trying to catch the server selection button. if i missed it, it will redirect me to the above web. sigh~


Posted Apr 18, '13 at 1:22pm



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All these games seem fine to me. I would guess that you have some sort of virus/spyware infection. I would suggest you update your virus scanner and look into a spyware removal software.

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